Chris has been working in the industry since 2014. He began his career as a body piercer and progressed into tattooing. 

Chris can under take many styles of tattooing but specialises in illustrated floral/blackwork tattooing.

His work often features natural forms featuring solid linework and stippled shading. He is happy to undertake custom pieces and develop unique tattoos for his customers.


Rachel has always had a keen interest in the arts and she studied Art and Textiles Design at university and then progressed into teaching Art and Design Technology for several years.

Rachel was then lucky enough to gain an apprenticeship where she originally started as a piercer and then progressed into tattooing. Rachel's illustrative style often features elements of nature and she particularly loves working with colour. 


Lou moved to London to follow her love of tattooing in 2017.  Taking influences from music, film and macabre art, her work features an array of blackwork, to comic imagery and delicate floral designs through to dark macabre themes.

Lou can undertake most styles of tattooing but particularly enjoys creating designs with stipple shading and smooth black and grey.


Jesse has been working in the industry for 4  years and during this time he has worked all over the UK. He loves to do guest spots and conventions and loves to travel. He has recently moved back to London and has joined us here at Flora and Fauna.

Jesse can undertake most styes of tattooing but he loves working with colour. His Neo-traditional work is bold and bright and often features a Japanese influence. 


Adam enjoys black work tattoos, niche references and making terrible jokes at inappropriate times. His customers always come back so they either like his work, or find him as funny as he thinks he is. Please have a look at his Instagram page to see all of his work.


Erin is the apprentice at Flora and Fauna Tattoos. She has always had a passion for art and all things creative since she was a child.

Erin started her apprenticeship during her final year of her degree in film. She realised that her real aspirations lay within the tattoo industry and how she wanted to create art that lasts forever and will be seen by lots of people.


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