Our choice of aftercare.

Flora and Fauna Tattoos are happy to announce that we are now supported by Yayo Familia.

We use their products throughout the tattoo process and also provide each customer with Yayo Familia after care. 

You can see Yayo Familia's full range on their website.



High quality tattoo supplies

Flora and fauna tattoos are happy to announce that we are now sponsored by Paulo Cruzes.

We use a wide selection of equipment from Paulo including his Propen machine, Flow carts and ink.

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Tattoo Removal

We have lots of customers asking us for the best place to get a tattoo lasered, either because they want to get a tattoo fully removed, or because they want a cover up and need some fading before we can work on it.

Up until this point, we didn't really have a place to recommend. We've partnered with NAAMA Studios, home of the most advanced Laser Tattoo Removal in the world.

We're proud to finally be able to recommend a company we trust. Believe us, we've tried it ourselves!

NAAMA Studios is home to the fastest, kindest tattoo removal in the world

  • You'll get £100 off your first session with code NAAMAFLORAANDFAUNA

  • It’s more gentle on the skin than any other laser, so there's no lasting damage (this also means it's way less painful!)

  • We can tattoo over the treated area very soon after you finish

  • You can have treatments as regularly as every week, with excellent results in just months 

  • Works on all skin types and ink types/colours

  • We create a design with you and work together with NAAMA to make sure you get the absolute best results: they fade it, we tattoo over it

Book online (use code NAAMAFLORAANDFAUNA at checkout to get your discount!)